Updated on 28/01/2020 11:44:24 AM
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Heated Debate Continues Over Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Funding Plan

Last Wednesday, the founder of the mining operation announced a proposal that would fund Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development over the course of six months. Over the last five days, the funding plan has been the most dominant conversation within the BCH ecosystem, as supporters debate the merits of the miner’s proposal. This week, BCH community members heard from the developer Imaginary Username, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun, and an opposing mining operation that dislikes the funding plan’s details.


BCH Infrastructure Development Plan Continues to Be Scrutinized

This week Bitcoin Cash supporters have been conversing about the recently announced miner-funded development plan that was met with mixed reviews. When the idea was first announced it seemed like BCH proponents were enthusiastic, but there were individuals who disliked the concept right away. recently reported on founder Jiang Zhuoer answering questions about the subject in a Reddit ask-me-anything (AMA) thread. The same day, Bitcoin ABC developer Amaury Séchet published a post about the funding subject as well. Séchet said the funding idea is “great news” just as long as the details of the funding arrangement are done right. Following the AMA and Séchet’s opinion, and Electron Cash developer Jonald Fyookball also published articles concerning the subject.